Monday, August 27, 2012

The Zone...

Do you ever just feel like you're totally in control and in the zone?  Workouts like that definitely help to boost your confidence.  I think it's important to really remember those workouts to be able to draw from them when you're in a dark place out on the race course.

Watching IM Lousiville yesterday it seemed as if winner Patrick Evoe was in that zone...or maybe he was just running to get pizza.  It was a great race to track, and congratulations to everyone who raced, from what I hear that's never an easy race (not that Ironman is).

The weekend was busy doing some painting around the house.  You always forget how long that it ended up taking the whole weekend to paint one room.  Maybe we'll get better and be able to do it faster in the future.

Training continues to be training, nothing break through.  I just really enjoy putting in the work...and that's all there is to do right now.  Work works.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Warm Up...

I'm not sure why but lately it's taken me quite a while to warm up during my sessions.  Maybe it means I'm getting more fit?  Yea I'm just going to go with that one.

It looks like the heat is returning this weekend, which I'm definitely welcoming.  Although I'm back at work, I'm not quite ready to let summer go yet.  So it still means board shorts and shirtless weekends.  Starting rides with arm warmers can wait a few more weeks if you ask me.  Though I did see a dude out the other morning in full tights and a winter hat.  Overkill if you ask me!!  It's still August!!!

Have an awesome weekend!  And check out

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Been a While...

Yep, I suppose I've fallen off of the blogging wagon...and I've been dragged behind it for a while.  Summer hit and I just had a hard time sitting in front of a computer to type.  And there was quite a bit going on, exciting things for sure.  Sure there was the a little swimming, biking and running in Zoot gear (I definitely should have done more considering Ironman Hawaii is only 50 days away), but there were definitely some other highlights as well.

In no particular order a quick and dirty list of highlights include:
  • Hanging out with Brit, family, and friends
  • Mountain Biking with the Dogs
  • A trip to Michigan with the Swantek's
  • Scout seats to that "other" team on the south side of Chicago (I'm still a Cubs fan!!)
  • Hitting up a couple of Time Trials
  • Naps
  • A new bike...yep it's pretty sweet
Another highlight not listed above is starting up L3 Endurance check out the website for more information about it, but it's something that we're pretty excited about, and I think can help people reach goals they previously weren't sure were attainable.  Our athletes have had tremendous success thus far and it's only the start.  Keep checking back for training opportunities through the end of the season and the off season!

Other than that everything is about the same.  Now it's back to some structure in my day, which is definitely a good thing.