Monday, March 19, 2012

RED...But It Looks Black

Thanks to my agent my tri bike got a little make over this weekend...

The Black Bomber down to the bare minimum...

The new parts

Racing with power...

R2C Shifters

Big Rings do Big Things...

My agent Nick wrenching for me

Red...or should I say Black?

No race wheels quite yet, and I need to get my black pedals to throw on there, but it's definitely a much needed upgrade!

The rest of the weekend was awesome, a long run in on the lakefront, a couple of rides outdoors, and my NCAA bracket getting totally screwed up.  At least UWW took the National Title in Men's D3 Basketball.  Busy week ahead.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Awesome Life

I don't know what it is, but I do some of my best thinking in the water...that doesn't just mean swimming (though today that's where the thinking took place) but it could be in the shower, at the beach, on a boat...water just usually happens to be involved.  As I was swimming today I couldn't help but think about what an awesome life I have.  I mean I do feel pretty darn lucky...and here is why...
  • Family - Sure they think I'm nuts for doing what I do, but they are always there to support me and to ask how things are going.  They take time off of work to go watch me race (even when the locations aren't always the best...come on every race isn't in Hawaii) and they always help to motivate me, and always have.  The work ethic my parents instilled in all 3 of us (I'm including Cory and Katie here) is pretty darn stellar and I think I'd have a really hard time finding 3 siblings who are willing to work harder than the Lapinski Crew.
  • Relationships - I've never known what it's like to have someone completely support you and to help you reach for those dreams.  Thanks Brittany you're awesome!!  And you don't even flinch when I tell you crazy ideas that I have...the fact that you've accepted this craziness is incredible!!  Not only do I have an awesome girlfriend, but my friends are amazing too.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, training for Ironman takes a team...and I'd challenge anyone else to try to compare their team to mine, definitely the best around.
  • My Dogs - Roxy and Winther are always happy to see me, they listen most of the time, and always know how to keep me smiling...especially when Winther decideds to go spastic at 10:00 p.m. on some random week night.
This just scratches the surface, but I have an awesome life!