Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Brief Kona 2012 Wrap Up

Sorry for the lack of blogging in Kona last week...I just couldn't pull myself away from being outside to sit at a computer.  That and the wireless internet really wasn't the best outdoors.

So here is a quick wrap up of the week...

Pre-Race - Awesome (as always).  I was able to catch up with quite a few sponsors, fellow Zoot Ultra Team members, and really take in the Kona experience. 

Race - Well I finished, it wasn't a great day for me, but wasn't a terrible day either.  I learned a lot and know where I can works right?

It is kind of sad to be back home, but nice to think that I'll be back racing there next October.  So now I'll get a little down time, take out the mountain bike, and relax for a few weeks before figuring out a plan to attack next season.  Special thanks to my Kona support crew: Brittany, Mom, Dad, Cory, Katie, Eddie, and Anne.  And to everyone for their well wishes and who followed me at home!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Best Year Ever??!!

I'm extremely fortunate to have amazing friends!  This morning as I'm emailing back and forth with Chad he says "I think this is your best year yet, 2 Kona qualifications and getting engaged."  I hadn't thought about the year as a whole...but now that I take a step back he's absolutley right!  2012 has been an incredible year.

Thanks Chad for making me take a step back and to look at how awesome this year has been.

On the training front things are rolling along.  My confidence is just about where it needs to be. My weight is right where it needs to be, balancing on the fence between I'm hungry yet I'm's a delicate balance, and yes I know I'm strange.  I started pulling things together to start packing, but got a little side tracked.  There were dirty cassette's on Brit's bike and on my Zipp I had to clean those in the process.  Nothing worse than dirty parts on bikes.  The only bike that is supposed to be dirty is a mountain bike, and I can't wait to get on that in about 2 weeks!

Pumped for Kona!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It's amazing how quickly you can gain confidence...and then how quickly you can lose it!  Before Ironman Wisconsin my confidence level was faily least for the bike it was.  However, I never felt that great on the bike during that race.  This transition from IMWI to Ironman Hawaii has been strange for me, and everything is unknown. I have ideas of what I want to do in training, but there are days (many days) which my body has different I do what I believe is smart, I listen to my body.  Yes this is very strange for me to do, but I think given the fitness I built up over the summer now is just a maintenance type of approach for the next 10 days.  Scary to think that in 10 days I'll be lining up for my 8th Ironman race, 3rd Ironman in 5 months and 2nd time in Kona.

I had an awesome swim yesterday, and a confidence boosting ride for sure! I felt strong and like I was able to maintain power relatively comfortably.  Especially on false flats, which is encouraging!  Maybe it was the sweet Cannondale all "SRAM'd/Zipp'd" out, or maybe it was me...who knows.  I decided to ride that wave of confidence and not run last night, which just means I'll get that run in tonight.  I need a few "confidence" building run sessions...though I'm not all that concerned because I know once we land in Hawaii I'll be able to get a few sessions in on Ali'i Drive, the Queen K and the Energy Lab which will help to boost that confidence for sure.

It's Tuesday and we leave Saturday morning.  Can't wait to get back to the island and to share this special place with Brit!

Last years race bike...this year will be a step up...just wait!

We're going to miss you year?

Bird, Cory & Katie...eating snowcones.  Bird 2013??

Team Lapinski waiting

Does it really get any better than a Hawaiian Sunset?

Monday, October 1, 2012


This weekend was awesome. And I have some big news to share, Brit and I got engaged Saturday night.  We are both super excited to start this next step in our lives!! I could not be happier to find the perfect girl for me!  Every day I'm taken back by the immense amount of love and support that Brittany shows for me, it is far beyond my wildest dreams.

Sorry I don't have a picture of her with the ring on...but here are a few happy ones!!

Always endless support for this crazy hobby! (Ironman St. George 2012)

She can even smile knowing the day is going to be exhausting (Ironman Wisconsin 2012)

At Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA

After a sunset dinner on the beach in California


Glen Arbor, MI

Something we both love...the sun & the sand