Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with 2010...Can't WAIT for 2011!!!

It's been a while since I have posted here, with the holidays and no real training to report I thought I'd save you the boring details.  Here it is New Years Eve, some people have already celebrated the new year, and the rest of us will soon enough.

All I have to say is thank goodness that 2010 is over! To say that it was a challenge would be a great understatement, but as I wrote about in a post months ago you wouldn't be dealt the hand you were unless you could handle it.  I could not have handled it alone and am so very thankful for my incredible family and amazing friends!  You were all there for me this past year, and I wouldn't be where I am now without you.

I think everything happens for a reason, and although you may not know the reason...I'm sure there is one.  I think that I was "tested" this year and I would have to say that I passed.  This past year I had to really dig deep to get through some crap, and I really think that it might have helped me dig deep enough at Ironman Arizona to qualify for Kona.  Maybe my reward for "passing the test" was Kona?  I don't know, but I do know that I have learned a lot about myself in the past year, and know that with the support of my family and friends I can get through anything.

I can't put into words how excited I am to start 2011!  A lot of people have New Years Resolutions to lose weight, or exercise more, and those are all great, best of luck if that's what you're goals are...but I have something a little different.  Just two words...NO REGRETS!  I think we can all look back and say that there are things that we do "regret" and so from here forward I want to have NO REGRETS.  Simple enough right?

Have a great 2011!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Running Challenge Day 6 & 7

It feels like the weather just decided to take a major dip in temperature lately.  I'm not complaining because I feel that if you dress right you'll be alright and that really is the case.  So I haven't been cold on runs.  The challenge is going well, and I'm really trying to not over exert myself.  I just run by feel, and check the pace when I'm done.  I'm pleasantly surprised most of the time and have just been getting the time in.  Consistency is key, which is why this challenge is awesome!

If you're following the challenge and need this next weeks plan here it is:

Tuesday - 25 minutes
Wednesday - 20 minutes
Thursday - 30 minutes
Friday - 25 minutes
Saturday - 25 minutes
Sunday - 40 minutes
Monday - 20 minutes

Last night I didn't get my run in until 9:30 at night.  I felt bad that the dogs wanted to go, so I brought them with.  While we were running they were fine, and happy.  They were even happy when we were done, the problem is that poor Winther has something funky with his hip (I'm afraid to say it but I think he has hip dysplasia).  The poor guy was limping last night, and a little this morning.  I won't take them again, and just have to get my runs in somewhere other than home...I feel too bad having them see me run away knowing they aren't coming with.  Wish there was something I could do, but unfortunately there isn't.  He loves running, and getting out there, but I just can't stand to see him limping later.  The challenge continues today...

This mornings computrainer was solid, more aerobic types of work, much more towards the upper end though.

15' warm up

2 x 20'
  • 10' @ 80% (cadence 100+)
  • 5' @ 85% (cadence 50-60)
  • 5' @ 90% (natural cadence)
Cool Down

This wasn't all that difficult, and I find it hard to sit at 80% without pushing a little harder...I think I'm good at about 82.7983% strange I know!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Running Challenge Day's 3, 4, 5

The weekend hit and I haven't been in front a computer to write an update.  The challenge is still going strong.  I've been in the 4 mile rut (not the best word, but it will do).  Day's 3 and 4 were both 4 miles (well one was 4.37 but who's counting).  When I'm running I'm not paying attention to my pace, I'm just going by feel, and am usually surprised by the pace when the run is over.  I haven't really wanted to push considering it's only been 2 weeks since Ironman Arizona, and although I feel alright I'm sure that I'm still in the recovery phase.

Yesterday I rode on the computrainer at Endure It, and the set looked a lot more difficult than it actually was:

15' w/u

5' @ 70%
1' @ 90%
1' @ AT
5' @ 80%
1' @ 90%
1' @ AT
6' @ 70%
5' @ 90%
2' @ AT
5' @ 80%
2' @ AT
6' @ 90%

I did the workout based on 300 watts (and it was all at a 2% grade as well) and it really didn't hurt all that much.  I followed up with an easy transition run.  This morning I rode on the computrainer again and was able to get 40 miles at a relatively easy effort.  I was back on my Giant Trinity Advanced SL2 this morning, and I love that bike!!

I did get a new winter toy yesterday...the Raleigh XXIX Belt Drive.  The thing is sweet, I'll get some pictures posted soon.

Thanks to my Mom, Dad and Katie I went and got a Christmas tree today and we spent the afternoon decorating around my house.  It feels like the holidays now, thanks everyone!

My day 5 of the challenge is going to happen in about 30 minutes here, looking forward to a nice relaxing, brisk Sunday evening run. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Running Challenge Day 2

It's late, but day 2 of the December Running Challenge is in the books.  The challenge is already paying off, I really didn't want to get out and get my run done today, but I know that there is a whole group of people out there doing this thank you!  It was a long day today starting with a 4:00 a.m. wake up call for computrainer.  I wasn't sure whether or not I would actually ride through the whole workout, but just thought I'd roll with it as long as I could.  I was able to finish the workout without much difficulty.  The set was as follows:

15' warm up

4 x 8' (No Break!!)
  • 2' @ 70% (210 watts)
  • 3' @ 80% (240 watts)
  • 2' @ 90% (270 watts)
  • 1' @ 110% (330 watts)
2 x 3'
  • 3' Left Leg
  • 3' Right Leg
Cool Down

I was happy with the results and the fact that this came relatively easy.  The whole workout was done at a 2% grade.  The class wasn't digging that...they better learn how to because it's going to be up there all month!

Tonight's run wasn't pretty, but I held a sub 7 pace for a little over 4 miles.  The weather was really nice, calm and not all that cold.  It was great to be out there in the peace and quiet, these are the runs that you really have to enjoy.  Come to think of it I did not see a single car my whole run...crazy 30 minutes and no cars, am I really in the suburbs of Chicago?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Running Challenge - Day 1 + "Super Duper Fan Status"

Before I get to the running challenge, there is a change to the "fan" distinction that I had made in a previous post about Ironman Arizona.  My sister Katie was rather disappointed in the fact that she wasn't labeled a "superfan" so I am going to give her a new category all to herself.  She is now the "SUPER DUPER FAN".  Alright here is the reasoning behind it (these are all rough estimates and round trip distances), and my Mom is an established superfan regardless, so she's out of the running here.  Uncle Jim traveled a total distance of 6270 miles round trip to cheer, while Katie traveled a total distance of 7500 miles round trip to cheer.

So Katie you are officially the SUPER DUPER FAN, and Uncle Jim you are still a Super Fan not to worry!

The first day of the December Running Challenge is in the books.  I thought last year that the challenge started out with me running in shorts (don't know why but I thought that was the case).  This year, definitely not the case!  I rode in to school to meet up with Wanner and Chris to run this morning and had a windchill of 10.  I didn't break out the face mask yet, I thought if I did that now what's going to happen in January?  So I just manned up and went with it.  The run was nice and relaxed.  Today was a 20 minute run, I ended up going more than 20 minutes, but never pushed the pace!  I ran 4 miles, all super comfortable and enjoyed the run!

It's not too late to get into this can find 20 minutes to run today right?  Get out there and do it!!!