Monday, October 31, 2011

The Pain Cave

I needed a change in my basement.  I'm not sure why...but I needed a change.  So yesterday I went down there and started moving crap around.  What I ended up with was a new and improved "Pain Cave"

Treadmill, Rollers, Trainer...All Ready to Rock

TV, Boombox, DVD Player...

Weights, TRX and Roxy's Butt

I'm pretty pumped with how it turned out, and can't wait to get down there to get started on the off-season work.

This weekend was great as well (besides the construction of the pain cave). I was able to get some serious cleaning done, filed some stuff away, got some stuff ready for good will...that kind of fun stuff. My parents came over on Saturday and while my Dad and I put up a new light and put together the grandfather clock my Dad made for me, my Mom cut the grass. I mean how awesome is that? My parents are pretty awesome!!

I haven't carved pumpkins in a long time...needless to say my skills are lacking. But here they are anyway...

Mine is up top with the crooked face, Britt's is in front.

I swear it looked straight when I was carving it!

Yesterday we went to Extreme Trampoline...really fun, and I'm not going to lie I'm sore today.  Trampoline Dodgeball should be an Olympic Sport.  So much fun!  I mean who wouldn't like whipping balls at little kids while you're jumping on a trampoline?

The November Bike Challenge starts up tomorrow.  Looking forward to having a goal to work towards.  I may even do a little November Run Challenge I have any takers for that as well?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dodging Squirrels...or Not

I don't know what the deal was but the squirrels yesterday were crazy.  I was riding home from school, taking my typical route when all of the sudden this squirrel darts out of no where.  Well I was rolling along too quickly to hit the if you happen to see a squirrel with a whacked out crooked tail in Westmont it may have been me that hit it.

Squirrel -vs - Bike Scoreboard

Rick - 1              Squirrel - 0

The weather here is starting to get colder.  I don't mind it, and I really need to get used to it considering my fingers were a bit chilly riding in this morning.  Looking forward to an awesome weekend.  It still feels really weird not having to ride 100 miles tomorrow.  I kind of miss it...sick I know!

I'm quite jealous right now because my sister sent me a text last night saying that it was snowing in Boston.  I have also seen pictures of Boulder...with snow.  I have no use for the cold if there is no let's bring on the snow.  I want to get some cross country skis this maybe November would be a good month to get those, that way when we do get some snow I can hit up the trails.  Altough I'm guessing that with my luck as soon as I get them we won't get snow, so I don't want to jinx myself.  So not sure if this could get any more I figure some random pictures will help things continue this theme going...but there are a couple of pics of some sweet things that Zoot has on sale right now at the end of this.  Check out their limited edition Kona gear on sale right now.  Totally sweet!!

Winther wanting to give some high 5's

Mom, me, and Katie after her surgery...she still blames me after like 20 years

After Kona

Zoot Special Edition Kona Jersey

Zoot Special Edition Kona Shorts

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Interesting Events

Yesterday I came across some interesting information...I'm just going to say that it's also motivating information.  I have been kicking around some goals/ideas in my head, and with this new found information those goals/ideas solidified.  A friend and I were texting back and forth with this new found "news" which we both found's the kind of news that will help to motivate both of us.

Computrainer this morning was alright.  As has been typical lately, for me it takes about 40 minutes to finally start feeling good.  It's funny I wasn't paying attention to how long I'd been riding...I just knew I felt off.  When things started to feel better I looked at the clock...sure enough I had been riding 42 minutes. 

Yesterday afternoon I came home to a pretty sweet package from Zoot.  Seriously, Jake and his crew at Zoot are awesome!  I'm all set up with limited edition gear from Kona, and some special limited edition GU as well.  Pics to come soon...

And my Mom...aka Superfan #1...sent me some pictures from CDA this year.

Me, Mom, and Katie Chillin by the lake

Swim Start...Pure Chaos

Not a magical day by any means, but still an Ironman finish

The best support team in Ironman

And my two biggest fans...Katie flew all the way from Boston to watch me race

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Look Back...

This morning as I was eating breakfast I came to the realization that I've done 5 Ironman races.  I still feel relatively new to the triathlon scene, and I do feel like I have an incredible drive to continue to improve.  I think this is a good time in the season to look back at where you started, where you are, and how you got there. 

It's crazy to think that the whole idea of doing a triathlon started when I was sitting in my parents basement in December of 2005 watching Ironman Hawaii on television.  I had an idea of what Ironman was, but that idea was limited to what I had seen on tv.  So the next day I signed up for the Chicago Triathlon...I didn't own a bike (besides my 8th grade graduation present of a mountain bike, which I still have), didn't know how to swim (I mean I could survive and swim...but not swim laps), and after playing 4 years of college soccer I swore I would never run again, and there was no way in hell I was going to wear a speedo or those tight bike shorts.  Is it weird that I am in cycling gear almost as much as "normal" clothes.  When sitting in the basement I remember thinking that I wanted to do that race, I wanted to go to Hawaii to do that race...even though I had no idea what "that" race was all about.

It's crazy to think of what I did for training then, versus what I do now, versus what I'm going to do leading into next season.  Triathlon has totally turned into a lifestyle, and a healthy one at that.  Sure I ask my a lot out of myself when I'm training for hours on end, but I really think it's your brain that needs to be trained and your body is far more capable than you give it credit for.  It's your brain that says to stop...not your body.

It's kind of funny to think back to times, and races...

My first half marathon...I think I went 1:37:xx I was exhausted...

Before Steelhead in 2007...First Half Ironman...Again Exhausted

I think I was in the water for like 44 minutes, ouch!

5:13...and I thought breaking 5 hours was nearly impossible.

Working on my first triathlon bike, it's not a single speed...

Winther checking me out before a swim at Ironman CDA in 2008

The Number 1 Superfan and I before my first Ironman

Heading out on the bike

How did I run in those shoes?  And with my race number there?  Haha

I did break 11 hours though in my first Ironman attempt, not too shabby.

The pictures from Ironman Wisconsin 2009 seem to be missing sorry I don't have them...but I did do the race.

A new best swim time for me at IMAZ

Breaking 5 hours on the bike

Over an hour faster in 2 years

The pics from IMCDA 2011 seem to be missing too...

3/4 of the immediate Team Lapinski Pre-Race in Hawaii

A Dream Realized

Dad and I after the race

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So I'm going to get a rant out of the way with really quick.  We all workout for personal reasons, we have personal goals that we want to achieve.  Sure there are people who are competitive, trust me I'm one of those people...probably a bit too competitive, but then there are the posers.  The people who "think" they're in the know, who "think" they are far better than they are and who "think" they deserve others to bow down to them.  If there is one thing (well let's be serious there are many things) that I can't stand, it would have to be the poser.  It's the guy (or girl, trust me I don't discriminate because there are plenty of female posers too) who talks a big game and doesn't deliver.  This person always has excuses as to why they didn't perform...I got home late, I was sick, I didn't eat breakfast, I went off course, I got kicked in the face during the swim, my tire pressure was low, my bike wouldn't shift, there was a rock in my shoe...and the list could go on and on.  How about you just fess up and say you didn't do the work, or better yet do your best and be happy with it.  If you're not happy with it shut your mouth and do the work so that you can be happy with the effort you put out, or the result you earned. 

I could go on and on about this, but I'll cut it short.  There are people out there who are amazing athletes, and I have so much more respect for them when they are humble!  So many of my teammates on the Zoot Ultra Team totally kill it out on the race course...yet you'd never know it by talking to them.  They go out there and do the work, day in and day out.  I have learned a great deal from these teammates, and they definitely help me to stay motivated to put the work in.  Please if you think I'm acting like a poser described above call me out on it because it's the last thing I want to be.

This morning was the typical Tuesday ride at Endure It.  We had a nice aerobic set and I'm happy to see my power numbers where they are, let's hope I can continue to improve upon these numbers through the winter.  The sunrise this morning wasn't quite as nice as last week...but it was still worth snapping a picture of.

This off season has been going well so far, although some would say I haven't really been taking off.  I'm still working out, but I'm doing what I want, when I want to...if you've done an Ironman you know how it messes with your mind...I do have to admit that Ironman is kind of winning the mind battle right now, but I am trying.  I've been riding my cross bike to work most days (if it's crappy weather I'll take the belt drive 29er) and riding that bike has to be one of the highlights of my day.

I find myself searching for grass and gravel on the ride home from school...if there is mud I think the bike automatically aims for it.  It's the perfect mix of speed with some off-road capabilities, bombing around on this thing makes riding super fun.  I doubt I'm going to jump into a cyclocross race though...I think I'll let my competitive juices build up a bit...they have been tapped from a long season of racing triathlon.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ramble On...

The weather this weekend was awesome!!!  And my weekend was awesome too!  Computrainer season "officially" started up again this past week, although I'm not sure it ever ended for me.  It's nice to have a fun group of motivated people ready to work at 5:30 in the morning.  Definitely helps me to stay focused and get the work done as well.

I'm two weeks out from Ironman Hawaii and although my tan is fading (if not gone already) I think I'm more motivated and balanced now than I have been in a long time.  I have a better idea of what it takes to put together a solid Ironman race, and I'm ready to put in that work.  Obviously I'm not going too crazy and I'm not worrying about numbers all that much (though I'd be lying if I said I didn't care about power numbers on the bike) and it's been fun to get out and train.  Yesterday I ran the loop at Waterfall Glen in reverse, which I think is typically more difficult.  It was so much fun to be out there, just running on an amazing day with the leaves falling.  I ended up with a much faster pace than I wanted, or anticipated...I guess I'll just roll with it.

I'm really looking to stay consistent for all three sports while adding in some solid strength work as well.  So today starts my gym routine, I know I'm going to be mega sore from it...but I can't wait!  I love lifting and I'm going to make it a real goal to be consistent with my gym time in addition to swim/bike/run.

Friday, October 21, 2011

It Takes a Team...

One thing I've learned in this individual sport is that it truly does take a "team" to get you to the start line of an Ironman.  That team has to include family, friends, sponsors (of which mine rock!), mechanics, and sometimes complete strangers who motivate you.  The better your support team, in my opinion, the more successful and happy you can be racing.  Not going to lie I think I probably have the best support team out there!!  I mean to fly from all over the country to watch me race and see me maybe 6 times in 10 hours is pretty amazing.  And to make sure I have everything I need before and after the race, I feel super spoiled.  You all know who you are, so thank you!! 

The Hawaii Crew Post Race

I think that "support" team contains many differnt parts.  I've become better at surrounding myself with training partners who are going to hold me accountable and push me.  I do owe a lot of what I have accomplished to them.  If Chad hadn't said "let's do IMAZ" back in 2009 I wouldn't have gone to Hawaii this year. 

Sure during the race you're out there by yourself.  But you didn't get there by yourself, there were so many people who helped you along the way.  This coming season I'm definitely going to try to surround myself with some great athletes, but more importantly some great people.  More of Ironman is about the journey to the start line than the actual race.  Why spend that journey alone? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Pictures Keep Rolling in...

My parents just got back from Hawaii a couple days ago (I was super jealous while they were still there and I wasn't!!) and my Mom just sent me some pics so here we go...warning some are even before Hawaii...

Eddie, Katie, and me at the rock climbing gym in Boston...yep they are much better than I am!

Not nearly as easy as it looks.

It's tough when your little sister is better than ego took a hit there. Nice work Katie!

Mom, Me and Katie at the Sam Adams Brewery Tour

The Lapinski Kids before the Underwear Run

75% of the "Immediate" Team Lapinski (I'm guessing the other 25% is behind the camera, and I'm swimming)

Nothing like a huge steak and potato on the balcony in Hawaii


My body guard

Cory, Mom, Me, and Katie Pre-Race

Post Race.  I thought my parents could get closer, so I felt bad when they couldn't see me finish.

The Best Training Partner I could ask for and me talking to the Endure It crew.

Dad and me post race.

The Entire Team Lapinski Crew.  Thanks Uncle John, Aunt Rita, Mom, Dad, Chad, Amy, Cory, Katie, Ryan and Amanda!!  I couldn't have done this with out your help!

Chad and I after a little dip in the ocean off of the lava rocks outside of our condo.

The Lapinski Kids enjoying one last day in the pool