Monday, February 9, 2015


It's already the middle of February...and there is the possibility of getting outdoors to ride (consistently) within the next month.  Notice I said "possibility"...not likely, but why not be optimistic right?  In an attempt to not disappear from the blog world I thought I'd get another post out there.

The schedule for the year is shaping up nicely with some early season races to knock the rust off.  A solid chunk of training time, and then some nice build ups before a big fun race.  I'll leave the details just as that...details, not super important.  What is important is that the fitness is growing.  In years past I think I've peaked far too early.  This year that won't be the case.  Taking a much lower intensity approach, although the volume isn't necessarily all that low.

I did knock out a 6 hour training day on Saturday.  3.5 hour ride, 1 hour brick run, 90 minute swim later that night.  6 hours in February on a Saturday?  Then follow it up with an 85 minute run on Sunday.  There is a method to the madness and I completely trust the process.  I've seen some growth already, and I'm excited to see where this continues.  The best part about it is that my body feels great.  Do I feel completely fresh?  No, but does any triathlete really feel "fresh"?

Our L3 Endurance athletes have been doing an awesome job as well putting in some consistent work over the winter months.  I'm excited for things to come for all of these athletes!!

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