Thursday, May 29, 2014


Life's been quite the balancing act lately...between getting ready to be a Dad, getting the house ready for a new family member (baby), work, training, and L3 Endurance it seems as if the day should have 30 hours instead of 24...and with those extra hours I'd probably get some more sleep.  I won't say that I've been balancing it all that well that is my current goal.  Get the balance that I need.  I've been able to get out before work on Tuesday and Thursday for a ride...there is something about logging solo miles which is just awesome to me!

It is a time for me to get some good thinking in...and I would say that it's my "therapy"...I always say if nothing else goes right on those days at least I was able to get a ride in...even if it wasn't the best ride.  I've been logging some good miles this month on both my Ceepo Mamba and my Ceepo Viper...there is a new bike in the Ceepo Stinger is currently getting built up by my awesome friend Nick.  I can't wait to get that bad boy back.  I'll be rollin with Zipp 303's and SRAM Force22.  Should be incredibly slick once it's done!

My body feels fine now after the race last weekend at Rev3's a good thing I have a physical therapist as a wife as she helped me to work out some kinks since I went into that race well undertrained...and so I had a few niggles afterwords...LESSON LEARNED! 

With the weather having finally broken it's time to lay down the sessions that need to happen for success in the coming months.  Racing is on hold momentarily due to the fact that there is a little person growing right now and I can't wait to meet him/her (we don't know what we're having).  Time to put my head down, get that proper balance, and do work!


timang said...

Nice post! got some explanation from this info that I least expected. Thumbs up! :p

Leslie Lim said...

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